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Austin, Texas

I'm focused on Python, ML, Cloud-Native, Serverless and React. Outside of my contributions on Github, I run a small SaaS company and a boutique software consultancy helping early stage startups.

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Featured work

  1. iMerica/dj-models

    Use the Django ORM in any Python web framework

    Python 8
  2. iMerica/pipflow

    Cloud native Python package manager.

    Python 10
  3. iMerica/safely

    An ML driven NSFW moderator for Slack 🚨👮‍♂️🤖

    Python 5
  4. iMerica/django-react-csrftoken

    A drop-in React component for submitting forms with a Django CSRF middleware token.

    JavaScript 30
  5. iMerica/django-allow-healthchecks

    Allow Kubernetes or any orchestrator to perform health checks from within the network.

    Python 4

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