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The Java Design Patterns project is a comprehensive collection of design pattern examples implemented in Java, aimed at showcasing the best practices for solving common software design issues. Developed by a community of experienced programmers and architects, it serves as both a learning resource and a practical guide, offering well-commented code examples that elucidate various design patterns.

Sponsorships provide financial and resource support, enabling project maintainers to dedicate more time and effort to development, infrastructure improvements, and community engagement. This support can lead to faster updates, enhanced features, and better documentation, ultimately benefiting the entire user community.

One way to sponsor me is to buy the book "Open Source Java Design Patterns" that I have recently published. You can get it for the price of a cup of coffee. See the book details here:

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Featured work

  1. iluwatar/java-design-patterns

    Design patterns implemented in Java

  2. iluwatar/uml-reverse-mapper

    Automatically generate class diagram from code. Supports Graphviz, PlantUML and Mermaid output formats.

    Java 219
  3. iluwatar/programming-principles

    Categorized overview of Programming Principles & Patterns

  4. iluwatar/30-seconds-of-java

    Collection of reusable tested Java 17 compatible code snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less.

    Java 995
  5. iluwatar/java-design-patterns-vuepress-web

    Next generation website for Java Design Patterns

    TypeScript 244

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