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John Grosh

United States

Hey there! I maintain many open-source projects; mainly in Java, but I also contribute to C++, Python, and Node projects!

Some of My Projects

These are some of my projects that I maintain

  • JMusicBot - a self-hostable Discord music bot, built around being easy to configure
  • Vortex - a Discord moderation bot that can auto-moderate common spam, advertising, and phishing tactics, while also providing moderators with more power and efficiency performing moderation tasks
  • GiveawayBot - a Discord bot that helps communities organize giveaways
  • JLyrics - an expandable and easy-to-use lyrics-scraping wrapper
  • JagTag - a simple interpreted text-parsing language

and many more...

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Featured work

  1. jagrosh/MusicBot

    🎶 A Discord music bot that's easy to set up and run yourself!

    Java 4,842
  2. jagrosh/Vortex

    🌀 Discord Moderation Bot

    Java 561
  3. jagrosh/JLyrics

    🎼 Expandable lyrics-scraping API for Java

    Java 60
  4. jagrosh/JagTag

    📝 JagTag is a simple - yet powerful and customizable - interpretted text parsing language!

    Java 43
  5. jagrosh/Phoenix

    🔥 Discord autoreply bot using DialogFlow

    Ruby 66
  6. jagrosh/FrostCleverbot

    💬 An extremely simple Discord cleverbot

    Python 84

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