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I maintain and contribute to a number of open source projects. I also write regularly on my blog (which is open source) about software development and other topics. I occasionally speak at conferences and always open source my talk materials. I even open source my notes for things I'm learning or want to remember. You can learn more about me here.

Apple platform libraries

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Featured work

  1. jessesquires/ReactiveCollectionsKit

    Data-driven, declarative, reactive, diffable collections (and lists!) for iOS. A modern, fast, and flexible library for UICollectionView done right.

    Swift 10
  2. jessesquires/Foil

    A lightweight property wrapper for UserDefaults done right

    Swift 431
  3. jessesquires/Nine41

    Automate overriding the status bars for all running iOS simulators

    Swift 159
  4. jessesquires/JSQMessagesViewController

    An elegant messages UI library for iOS

    Objective-C 11,155
  5. jessesquires/JSQSystemSoundPlayer

    A fancy Obj-C wrapper for Cocoa System Sound Services

    Objective-C 581
  6. Quick/Quick

    The Swift (and Objective-C) testing framework.

    Swift 9,769

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