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Jan-Otto Kröpke

Nuremberg, Germany

Hi, thanks for visiting my profile!

I really love open source software! I'm actively contribute too many kubernetes focused projects and I would much appreciate a small sponsorship from your side.

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I would really appreciate my first donation. Thank you!

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Featured work

  1. jkroepke/openvpn-auth-azure-ad

    openvpn-auth-azure-ad connects to the OpenVPN management interface and handle the authentication ageist Azure AD.

    Python 28
  2. jkroepke/draw-io-cncf-shape

    This is collection of the CNCF logos packed into a importable file to draw cloud native architectures

    JavaScript 25
  3. jkroepke/helm-kubectl

    A helm plugin for ArgoCD to support the lookup function

    Shell 10
  4. jkroepke/helm-secrets

    A helm plugin that help manage secrets with Git workflow and store them anywhere

    Shell 1,370

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Support my work! Thanks a lot!