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I'm maintaining a couple of multi-platform CLIs and Python projects:

They all works fine on major OSes and distros, but needs new features and performance refactors. You can influence their progress by proposing pull requests, purchase business support (contact me) or sponsor development here.


I need evidence that my contributions are appreciated! 😊

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Featured work

  1. kdeldycke/awesome-falsehood

    😱 Falsehoods Programmers Believe in

  2. kdeldycke/awesome-engineering-team-management

    πŸ‘” How to transition from software development to engineering management

  3. kdeldycke/awesome-iam

    πŸ‘€ Identity and Access Management knowledge for cloud platforms

  4. kdeldycke/awesome-billing

    πŸ’° Billing & Payments knowledge for cloud platforms

  5. kdeldycke/meta-package-manager

    🎁 wraps all package managers with a unifying CLI

    Python 444
  6. kdeldycke/click-extra

    🌈 Extra colorization and configuration loading for Click.

    Python 55

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