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Ketan Choyal

Ontario, Canada

I create open-source apps with beautiful UI.


Just one step at a time...

Featured work

  1. ketanchoyal/Our-E-School

    A mobile app created using Flutter Framework for School management.

    Dart 490
  2. ketanchoyal/extended_navbar_scaffold

    A Custom Extended Scaffold with Expandable and Floating Navigation Bar

    Dart 142
  3. ketanchoyal/mapbox_search

    A Flutter package for place search using MapBox Api and for Static map image

    Dart 72
  4. ketanchoyal/theParker

    Theparker: A shared parking app

    Java 29
  5. ketanchoyal/theParker-iOS

    Shared Parking App using Firebase Realtime Database with MVC Pattern.

    Swift 23
  6. ketanchoyal/Sub-Track

    Flutter Application to keep track of Subscriptions

    Dart 42

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