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Andrey Kislyuk

San Francisco, CA

Hi, I'm Andrey

I am a software engineer and scientist based in San Francisco, California. I am the author and maintainer of several popular Python open source libraries including,,,,, and more.

In addition to developing general-purpose open source tools, I have specializations in bioinformatics, cloud computing, Linux systems, and security. I focus on delivering quality software with an emphasis on testability, observability, extensibility, standards compliance, and good documentation.

My open-source contributions are licensed under the Apache 2 license. If your commercial enterprise requires the use of my software, and you want me to help, please contribute using one of the sponsorship tiers on this page. Contributions do not guarantee that a bug or feature will be fixed or delivered; instead they are donations in recognition of my existing work, made with the understanding that I will make a good faith effort to help you, subject to limits from my other obligations.

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Featured work

  1. kislyuk/argcomplete

    Python and tab completion, better together.

    Python 1,384
  2. kislyuk/watchtower

    Python CloudWatch Logging: Log Analytics and Application Intelligence

    Python 763
  3. kislyuk/keymaker

    Lightweight SSH key management on AWS EC2

    Python 223
  4. kislyuk/yq

    Command-line YAML, XML, TOML processor - jq wrapper for YAML/XML/TOML documents

    Python 2,512
  5. kislyuk/ensure

    Validate conditions, Python style.

    Python 148

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