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Hey there!👨‍💻

I'm Alessandro and I work as a Specialist Solution Architect for Red Hat living in Rome, Italy.
Opensource is my life and passion and so is technology in general. In my free time I love to play around with projects, contributing to communities and develop tools that can be useful, sharing them with the community.

You can support my work as a virtual way to offer me a beer if one of my projects or contributions have been useful in any way or if you just want to say thank you, and they will also contribute to maintain and upgrade the lab I use for testing and running the projects on.

I never thought about sponsorships until people started to ask if they could do that, so... here I am :) 💡


Adding a goal is a mandatory step, so I'll do it!

Featured work

  1. kubealex/libvirt-ocp4-provisioner

    Automate your OCP4 installation

    HCL 88
  2. kubealex/libvirt-k8s-provisioner

    Automate your k8s installation

    HCL 423
  3. kubealex/k8s-mediaserver-operator

    Repository for k8s Mediaserver Operator project

    Makefile 546
  4. kubealex/tekton-workshops

    A small project for enabling teams and individuals to Tekton, with samples and use cases from real life scenarios.

  5. kubealex/event-driven-automation

    A comprehesive colletion of self-service use cases to showcase Event Driven Automation

    Python 39

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