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Hi there!

I'm a long-time open source author and artist, driven by creating better, shorter, and more-readable code. I help take the painful boilerplate out of your code! Ultimately, and with your help, I'd like to be able to devote more time to OSS maintenance/development.

I'm currently working on building tooling/helper libraries around Cloudflare Workers (and service workers in general), including the ~460 byte itty-router - as I think they are going to help revolutionize how we build serverless apps!

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The Side Project: Slick

My side venture, is an image-gallery service built upon Cloudflare Workers/KV/DO in the same principles I stand for in software development today. It is:

  • free (I'm self-funding to keep this possible)
  • ad free (looking at you, Instagram)
  • doesn't track anything or sell any data (privacy!)
  • absurdly easy to use (it's what I do)
  • flexible/powerful (I love enabling creativity)

Your support helps speed up development on any OSS and community-focused projects! 🙏


Enable full time support of current/future OSS projects and continued development of tools with the mindset of "write less, do more". Currently it's quite difficult to juggle this in addition to tech leadership roles within companies!

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Featured work

  1. kwhitley/apicache

    Simple API-caching middleware for Express/Node.

    JavaScript 1,224
  2. kwhitley/treeize

    Converts row data (in JSON/associative array format) to tree structure based on column naming conventions.

    JavaScript 188
  3. kwhitley/itty-router

    A little router.

    TypeScript 1,676
  4. kwhitley/itty-router-extras

    An assortment of delicious extras for the calorie-light itty-router.

    JavaScript 83
  5. kwhitley/itty-durable

    Cloudflare Durable Objects + Itty Router = shorter code

    JavaScript 234

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