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Paul Scheduikat

Hamburg, Germany

Hey, thanks for considering supporting my open source work. πŸ’š

Your support helps me to spend more time working on open source projects and create new and awesome software.

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This would allow me to spend some money on my projects (logos, hosting, etc.), also this allows me to do more OSS work.

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Featured work

  1. lu4p/ToRat

    ToRat is a Remote Administation tool written in Go using Tor as a transport mechanism and RPC for communication

  2. lu4p/cat

    Extract text from plaintext, .docx, .odt and .rtf files. Pure go.

    Go 91
  3. lu4p/go-escalate

    The goal is to provide an easy to use API to escalate privileges on Linux, Windows and Mac OS

    Go 34
  4. lu4p/binclude

    Include files in your binary the easy way

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