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Hi! I'm Alexis Munsayac, a software engineer based in the Philippines. Most of my work involves developing open-source projects that's mainly related to the JS ecosystem as well as perform research that can help improve web apps. I usually hangout at @solidjs and help improve the future of reactivity and web development.


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Featured work

  1. lxsmnsyc/terracotta

    Headless UI for SolidJS

    TypeScript 656
  2. lxsmnsyc/solid-labels

    Simple, reactive labels for SolidJS

    TypeScript 240
  3. lxsmnsyc/solid-styled

    Reactive stylesheets for SolidJS

    TypeScript 169
  4. lxsmnsyc/seroval

    Stringify JS values

    TypeScript 463
  5. lxsmnsyc/forgetti

    Solve your hook spaghetti (with more spaghetti). Inspired by React Forget.

    TypeScript 345

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