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I'm a big fan of OSS projects and would love the model that you can run any software however you'd like and not forced into expensive contracts with binary code not able to affect, help develop.

I am a frequent user of many OSS projects but try to publish PRs to help bugfixing or small enhancements of those. I also try to author and maintain a few projects that anybody may use freely.

Having said that, It would be nice to get a little contribution now and then to (maybe) be able to do some of the work at daytime or to buy a new monitor (current one is 12 year old ;).

Mario :)

3 sponsors have funded mariotoffia’s work.


Hmm... This is hard, it would be nice to have 5 sponsors per year that acknowledges that the software I write is useful :)


Featured work

  1. mariotoffia/FluentDocker

    Use docker, docker-compose local and remote in tests and your .NET core/full framework apps via a FluentAPI

  2. mariotoffia/goasciidoc

    Document your go code using asciidoc instead of godoc

    Go 16
  3. mariotoffia/ssm

    A un-/marshal (encode & decode) library for go structs to AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store and Secrets Manager

    Go 5

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