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United States of America

Support Meshtastic's development and ongoing expenses to provide the best decentralized and secure communications platform available today where you own your own network. Be your own Mesh. Be Meshtastic!

With Meshtastic, you own your own secure network outside of corporate or government control.

We are a group of volunteers developing a suite of applications built on the LoRa technology to enable secure off grid communication.

Included in our suite:

  • Meshtastic Device Node
  • Meshtastic Repeater
  • Meshtastic Android
  • Meshtastic Web
  • Meshtastic Apple
  • Meshtastic Python
  • Meshtastic Arduino
  • Meshtastic Hub / MQTT
  • Meshtastic Enclosures

Your support will help with our expenses like code signing certificates, server hosting fees and development licenses/tools.


Our first goal is to have 42 sponsors.

Current sponsors 31

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Past sponsors 32

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Meet the team

Featured work

  1. meshtastic/firmware

    Meshtastic device firmware

  2. meshtastic/Meshtastic-Android

    Android application for Meshtastic

    Kotlin 616
  3. meshtastic/meshtastic

    Meshtastic project website and documentation

    TypeScript 553
  4. meshtastic/python

    The Python CLI and API for talking to Meshtastic devices

    Python 327
  5. meshtastic/web

    Meshtastic Web Client

    TypeScript 194

69% towards 42 monthly sponsors goal

@charminULTRA @caveman99
@rwcts @prokrypt @tarator @CypressXt @danielloera

charminULTRA and 28 others sponsor this goal

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