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Hey there! πŸ˜ƒ

Welcome to my GitHub, I’m Miroslav, I love coding! πŸ€“

I’m a simple person, happy guy, and creative coder. 😝

Working on MiroTalk? πŸ‘€

πŸš€ Introducing MiroTalk - Your Ultimate Video Conferencing Solution!

πŸŽ‰ Tired of third-party software limitations? Meet MiroTalk - the game-changer for your virtual meetings!

🎨 Stand Out with Personalization:
Elevate video conferences with your brand's logos, colors, and UI/UX. Impress with a seamless extension of your identity!

πŸ”’ Privacy and Security First:
Rest easy knowing data and conversations are in safe hands. We prioritize your privacy and implement top-notch security measures!

πŸ’Ό Seamlessly Integrate with Your Workflow:
MiroTalk effortlessly integrates with existing tools and processes, boosting collaboration and productivity.

⏰ No Time Limitations:
Have in-depth discussions, brainstorming sessions, or webinars without interruptions. Enjoy limitless video conferencing!

πŸ“ˆ Interactive Features for Engaging Meetings:
Foster creativity with real-time collaboration, screen sharing, virtual whiteboards, and more. Take meetings to a new level!

πŸ“± Anytime, Anywhere Access:
MiroTalk works seamlessly across devices and browsers, ensuring everyone can join meetings with ease.

🀝 Dedicated Support and Regular Updates:
Our expert support team is here to assist, and we continually improve MiroTalk with new features thanks also to our contributors. Count on us!

πŸ’» Source Code and License Included - Make it Yours!
MiroTalk comes with complete source code, giving you the freedom to tailor the solution to your unique requirements!

πŸš€ Revolutionize your video conferences!

✨ Try MiroTalk today and bid farewell to limitations. Take control with MiroTalk's user-friendly power!

Projects Description
πŸš€ MiroTalk P2P Real-time video conferences, optimized for small groups. Unlimited time, unlimited concurrent rooms each having 5-8 participants.
πŸ† MiroTalk SFU Real-time video conferences, optimized for large groups. Unlimited time, unlimited concurrent rooms each having 8+ participants.
✨ MiroTalk C2C Real-time video conferences, optimized for Cam to Cam. Unlimited time, unlimited concurrent rooms each having 2 participants. New
πŸ“‘ MiroTalk BRO WebRTC Live Broadcast, unlimited time, unlimited concurrent rooms each having a broadcast and many viewers. New
πŸ›  MiroTalk WEB MiroTalk's WebRTC rooms scheduler server. New

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  2. PayPal: You can support us through PayPal as well. Just visit this link: PayPal

  3. BTC: bc1q6agpf8prsf6gppjmf8h87xnqgvtykuuryrexd3

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We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude for considering supporting our work. Your generosity and encouragement mean everything to us, and they inspire us to keep pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve.

Thank you for being an amazing part of our journey! ❀️
Together, we can create something truly special and valuable for everyone.πŸš€


It would mean the world to me if I had 10 sponsors. ❀️

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Featured work

  1. miroslavpejic85/mirotalk

    πŸš€ WebRTC - P2P - Simple, Secure, Fast Real-Time Video Conferences Up to 4k and 60fps, compatible with all browsers and platforms.

    JavaScript 2,666
  2. miroslavpejic85/mirotalksfu

    πŸ† WebRTC - SFU - Simple, Secure, Scalable Real-Time Video Conferences Up to 4k, compatible with all browsers and platforms.

    JavaScript 1,915
  3. miroslavpejic85/mirotalkc2c

    ✨WebRTC - C2C - Real-time cam-2-cam video calls & screen sharing, end-to-end encrypted, to embed in any website with a simple iframe.

    JavaScript 204
  4. miroslavpejic85/mirotalkwebrtc

    πŸ›  MiroTalk's WebRTC rooms scheduler.

    JavaScript 243
  5. miroslavpejic85/mirotalkbro

    πŸ“‘ MiroTalk WebRTC Live Broadcast allows to broadcast live video, audio and screen stream to all connected users (viewers).

    JavaScript 104
  6. miroslavpejic85/p2p

    πŸ–₯️ P2P Remote Desktop - Portable, No Configuration or Installation Needed.

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