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Featured work

  1. mmcc007/screenshots

    Screenshots: A command line utility and package for capturing screenshots for Flutter

    Dart 263
  2. mmcc007/fledge

    Fledge: A CI/CD tool for Flutter

    Dart 160
  3. mmcc007/modal_progress_hud

    A simple modal progress HUD (heads-up display, or progress indicator) for flutter

    Dart 157
  4. mmcc007/sylph

    Runs Flutter integration tests on real devices in cloud.

    Dart 157
  5. mmcc007/flutter_app

    Flutter counter app demonstrating unit, widget and end-to-end integration testing with code coverage

    Dart 23
  6. mmcc007/test_emulators

    Test start-up of android emulators on Travis and Cirrus. Plus run a test.

    Dart 14

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