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I am a software programmer with a big heart for Free- and Open Source Software (FOSS). My focus is on anything OpenWrt related, security, mesh networks and Linux administration.

After putting a lot of time Freifunk, I hope to stab at problems regarding scalable mesh routing. This resulted in a stack of tools to display, simulate and evaluate different mesh network protocols. Papers from SciHub are a good source of inspiration for new ideas.

Sometimes, I also write Android Apps to solve specific needs, such as getting into the office or to phone other people inside a network.

For my work, I use mostly C/C++, Python and Shell script. But also a fair amount of Rust and vanilla JavaScript.

More information can be found on my website.

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Featured work

  1. mwarning/KadNode

    P2P DNS with content key, crypto key and PKI support. DynDNS alternative.

  2. mwarning/SimpleDNS

    A very simple and small DNS Server to help understanding the protocol basics.

  3. mwarning/UDP-hole-punching-examples

    A small collection of examples for UDP hole punching.

  4. mwarning/zerotier-openwrt

    A OpenWrt package for ZeroTier One - Pull requests are welcome!

    Shell 654
  5. mwarning/openwrt-examples

    Examples for creating OpenWrt programs&packages.

    Makefile 191
  6. mwarning/MeshNetSimulator

    A simulator for sketching and testing mesh network routing strategies

    Rust 77

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