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Sergey Vasilyev

Berlin, Germany


I am a Software Developer (since I remember myself) and in love with Python (since 2009).

Nowadays, I develop Kopf — a framework for writing arbitrary Kubernetes operators with Python easily. And I occasionally contribute to other 🐍 Python❤️ Kubernetes☸️ stuff (libraries, clients, etc.).

I dream of overthrowing Go from the throne of Kubernetes-related development and putting Python there — for no particular reason, just for the fun of it. Though, neither Kubernetes nor worldwide industry landscape shift is my job — it is a hobby.

At work, I earn enough for living, thank you. I take these donations as gratitude, a sign of appreciation, and your support for what I do here in GitHub. Hypothetically, if they approach the salary levels (which is naive per se), I might reconsider my time distribution for more open-source.

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Featured work

  1. nolar/kopf

    A Python framework to write Kubernetes operators in just a few lines of code

    Python 1,994
  2. nolar/setup-k3d-k3s

    Setup K3d/K3s for GitHub Actions

    Shell 78
  3. nolar/vpn-in-docker-compose

    Running VPN with a network lock in Docker Compose

    Shell 41

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Your appreciation will warm my cold heart when I will be drinking a cold beer during a cold winter in this cold town. I will raise a full mug to honour your name.

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A bit of nostalgia on 8-bit computers and low software complexity. The good old times when you could store a popular 2.5-dimensional (don't ask) computer game on an audio-tape (don't! even! ask!).

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Or should it be rather 16? 16 sounds round and squarish at the same time — if you know what I mean.

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Or should it be rather 15? 15 sounds enough. This is a hard choice.

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I'm completely lost now.

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Sorry, I didn't get it: what was the question?