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Hello There!

I'm a passionate developer who is very curious about publishing open source apps that helps me to interact with other developers to exchange knowledge.

I work on my projects in my free time to give to the community the best I can.

I have worked on many types of software and I'm the creator of Cliptopia, Linux Voice Control and App Fleet, these are one of my best works for the Linux Community out there which you can find on my profile.

Sponsoring will help me one day to work full time on open source projects, that's my dream.

By sponsoring me, you're supporting a passionate developer dedicated to creating free tools for the community. Your contribution will help me continue this work, and every effort put into making these tools will be met with gratitude.


Reaching this goal would help me in hosting a fully open source multiplatform app store that I'm working on which will be entirely free and will take not even a single penny from developers.

Featured work

  1. omegaui/linux-voice-control

    Your personal, fully customization, Linux Voice Control Assistant.

    Python 116
  2. omegaui/cliptopia

    Cliptopia is a beautiful state-of-the-art clipboard management software for linux desktops that turns your simple clipboard into a full-fledged ⚡power house⚡

    Dart 103
  3. omegaui/app_fleet

    A brilliant workspace manager & launch automation tool specially designed for GNOME.

    Dart 104
  4. omegaui/omegaide

    An Instant IDE from the Future that supports any programming language.

    Java 78
  5. omegaui/chat_desk

    ⚡ A self-hosted chat application for desktop written in Flutter!

    Dart 121
  6. omegaui/linux-storage-sense

    Keep your Linux storage clean and organized effortlessly.

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