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Andreas Pardeike

Stockholm, Sweden

With my 35+ years of programming experience and with a broad knowledge of designing technical solutions, I am very flexible with my contributions. I really love my profession and am more than willing to create and help wherever I can.

Currently, my biggest project is Harmony, a patch library using by many applications and countless mods in the gaming sector. It has an active community of over 1000 developers and numerous contributors all over the world.

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Featured work

  1. pardeike/Harmony

    A library for patching, replacing and decorating .NET and Mono methods during runtime

  2. pardeike/Zombieland

    Rimworld Mod featuring zombie hordes

    C# 53
  3. pardeike/ReverseCommands

    Reverses the context menu so you can select something to interact with, followed by an action and the colonist that should execute that action. No need to select colonists first and much less scrol…

    C# 4
  4. pardeike/SameSpot

    Rimworld Mod that allows multiple colonists to be drafted at the same location

    C# 3
  5. pardeike/CameraPlus

    Camera+ for RimWorld

    C# 27
  6. pardeike/Achtung2

    Command your colonists like a boss!

    C# 28

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