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I work on supply chain security for JavaScript and web3 ecosystems.

I'm an independent developer. I love developing open source software, which i've been doing it for over 12 years. Projects I maintain have over 100M downloads per month (proof).

Your money would be spent on development & maintenance of new open-source software, education of newcomers. Check out my blog posts:

Other resources:

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It would be really cool if 42 people supported my work!

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Featured work

  1. paulmillr/noble-curves

    Audited & minimal JS implementation of elliptic curve cryptography.

    TypeScript 608
  2. paulmillr/noble-hashes

    Audited & minimal JS implementation of hash functions, MACs and KDFs.

    JavaScript 500
  3. paulmillr/chokidar

    Minimal and efficient cross-platform file watching library

    JavaScript 10,646
  4. paulmillr/es6-shim

    ECMAScript 6 compatibility shims for legacy JS engines

    JavaScript 3,114
  5. paulmillr/encrypted-dns

    DNS over HTTPS config profiles for iOS & macOS

  6. paulmillr/dotfiles

    Colourful & robust configuration files and utilities for Mac, Linux & BSD

    Shell 1,182

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