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Hi! 🐊
I love Vim and mainly use C/C++, Python, JavaScript, and some scripts. I have been developing software using Windows API and implementing machine learning.

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Machine Learning Implementation

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Buy a Mac and get win-vind MacOS support.

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Featured work

  1. pit-ray/win-vind

    You can operate Windows with key bindings like Vim.

  2. pit-ray/fluent-tray

    Fluent design-based GUI library for system tray applications written in C++ single header.

    C++ 13
  3. pit-ray/Anime-Semantic-Segmentation-GAN

    This repository was implemented to perform semantic segmentation for pixiv anime illust.

    Python 50
  4. pit-ray/SPADE-pix2pix-for-Anime

    pix2pix with SPADE to generate from segmented label to anime

    Python 25
  5. pit-ray/vim-autograd

    Automatic differentiation library written in pure Vim script.

    Vim Script 26
  6. pit-ray/dotfiles

    my dotfiles

    Vim Script 4

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Your support must be appreciated! I'll drink a morning coffee β˜• and a night coffee β˜•.

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Thank you! Your support must be appreciated! I'll buy a lot of coffee β˜• β˜• β˜• and some reference books.

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I can never thank you enough. Frequent contribution and development of cross-platform applications. πŸ’ͺ