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PixiJS is a project started by Mat Groves and is used by companies and individual all over the world to create rich online graphics for a decade. This project is maintained by a dedicated collection of core team volunteers from all around the world.

Currently, we are working on a bunch of huge initiatives including WebGPU support and providing a better ecosystem of tools and plugins to keep pace with the changing device landscape. It was with the help of supporters that we were recently able to add support for rendering in Node.js, Web-Workers, as well as overhaul our event handling and documentation.

Aside from the big features additions, the biggest task of maintaining a large open source project is keeping pace with all the diversity of the larger JavaScript ecosystem. There are many tools for bundling, packaging and delivering JavaScript and we have tried to use the financial resource of the project to create bounties on bugs. Sponsorship and bounties is a terrific way for companies or individuals to get issues addressed quickly.

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