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Mais Alheraki

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I'm Mais, a software engineer and a Google Developer Expert for Flutter and Dart 💙. I currently work on a couple of open-source projects. I like writing about what I learn, you can find some of my technical blogs on Medium. Whatever funds you're going to send will be a motivation for me to give more time for content creation and OS contributions!

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I really find it so hard to get time to do what I love with all life's responsibilities over my head, if I can get some money out of it, then for sure I can help more people by actually doing what I love: Open Source and content writing!

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Featured work

  1. nyartech/hyperpay

    A Flutter plugin to wrap HyperPay SDK for iOS and Android.

    Dart 15
  2. pr-Mais/noor

    Noor is a mobile app designed to help in providing a comfortable reading experience for Muslims, by referencing the book "Hisnul Muslim", and some other references.

    Dart 106

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Buy me a coffee ☕️ I promise to have it while writing a new blog!

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I know you didn't have to do that, but this means a lot to me 💙

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I'm speechless, but thank you from the heart ✨

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I have no idea what to say, but you just inspired me to wake up early early morning (I'm a very lazy night owl 🌚) and do more technical content! words cannot thank you enough!