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Prateek Sunal

Uttarakhand, India

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Featured work

  1. flutter/flutter

    Flutter makes it easy and fast to build beautiful apps for mobile and beyond

  2. darioielardi/flutter_speed_dial

    Flutter plugin to implement a Material Design Speed Dial

    Dart 408
  3. harmonoid/harmonoid

    🎵 Plays & manages your music library. Looks beautiful & juicy. Playlists, visuals, synced lyrics, pitch shift, volume boost & more.

    Dart 3,467
  4. Foundry376/Mailspring

    💌 A beautiful, fast and fully open source mail client for Mac, Windows and Linux.

  5. fluttercommunity/plus_plugins

    Flutter Community Plus Plugins

    Dart 1,495
  6. polybar/polybar

    A fast and easy-to-use status bar

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