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Hi, I'm Jeff Lindsay. I've been at the forefront of cloud and developer tooling for the last 20 years. Now I'm building new software abstractions and primitives that will soon come together in a set of tools and platforms that will define the future of software. Help me do it right!

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Current Major Projects

  • Wanix - Plan9 inspired operating/development kernel in the browser
  • Treehouse - Tana/Notion inspired frontend and general UI
  • Apptron - An Electron-like cross-platform API
  • DarwinKit - Mac APIs for Golang

Coming Soon

  • Tractor Shell - A powerful, new way to operate the computer
  • Tractor Toolkit - Libraries with minimal dependencies for building anything
  • Tractor Studio - Low-code environment for anything, the "Photoshop of software"


What sponsorship does

Your sponsorship allows me to build Tractor and related projects full time without taking on distracting work. Mostly it also helps pay for my small team of contractors and collaborators. This kind of independent research and development is slow, costly, and stressful. I am deeply grateful for your patronage.

Thank you! βœŒοΈπŸ’€


I will finally be able to pay for my team without draining my savings. When we reach this goal, I will take the overall project to the next level with you.

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