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Patrick Stadler

Zürich, Switzerland

Hello there, I'm Patrick 👋🏻

I'm the creator and maintainer of the open source project Hobby Kube. To keep this project going and growing, I'd like to raise some money from the community.

Your contributions will enable me to use more resources across different cloud providers to ensure the reliability of this project and to experiment with various new configurations.


provisioning Upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04
provisioning Upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04
provisioning Upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04
guide Evaluate alternatives to NGINX
provisioning Replace Weave Net with Cilium
provisioning arm64 support
guide Deploy etcd securely using certificates ⏳
provisioning Add automated provisioning for further cloud providers ⏳
guide Evaluate OpenEBS as an alternative to Rook
provisioning Automated end-to-end testing

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Past sponsors 6


Featured work

  1. hobby-kube/guide

    Kubernetes clusters for the hobbyist.

  2. hobby-kube/provisioning

    Kubernetes cluster provisioning using Terraform.

    HCL 311
  3. pstadler/

    Real-time stock tickers from the command-line.

    Shell 510
  4. pstadler/keybase-gpg-github

    Step-by-step guide on how to create a GPG key on, adding it to a local GPG setup and using it with Git and GitHub.

  5. pstadler/flightplan

    Run sequences of shell commands against local and remote hosts.

    JavaScript 1,816
  6. pstadler/

    Collect and forward metrics using portable shell scripts

    Shell 138

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A bottle of water
Water keeps you hydrated and enables razor-sharp thinking. 🤔

$3 a month


Small Instance
This covers the monthly cost for a small VPS on Hetzner Cloud. ⛅️

$5 a month


A cup of quality coffee

Kind of like water on steroids, isn't it? 🤤

$10 a month


Monthly provider costs
Enough to run a small-scale Kubernetes cluster for about one month. 🕰

$25 a month


A batch of stickers
This enables me to keep a bi-directional stream of high-quality stickers alive. 🌊

$50 a month


Long-term cluster testing & experiments
This allows me to simultaneously run clusters on different cloud providers to perform long-term reliability testing and experiments. 🤓