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Srivats P.

Bangalore, India

Hi! I'm Srivats P - 👨‍💻 software developer and network engineer.

I've worked over the last 25 years at leading network vendors and written software for a wide range of devices from home routers to DSLAMs to SP edge routers to DC ultra low latency switches.

Since 2007, I've been working on Ostinato - a packet crafter and traffic generator for network engineers as an inexpensive software alternative to the break-your-bank costly commercial hardware traffic generators that's common in the networking industry.

After 15 years of having a day job to pay the bills and working on Ostinato as a nights and weekends project, in 2022 I've taken a break from the day job to see if I can go full-time working on Ostinato.

Your ❤️ sponsorship will help support me while I continue to build Ostinato and help network engineers craft packets and send traffic to keep the networks and the Internet working for all of us!

Together, we can realize the 🎯 vision of "a traffic generator for every network engineer"



Reaching this goal will help cover my rent expenses while I work on Ostinato

Featured work

  1. pstavirs/ostinato

    Ostinato - Packet/Traffic Generator and Analyzer

  2. pstavirs/pdd

    Packet Dump Decode - one-click packet hexdump decode

    C++ 17

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