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I'm a Web Developer working on open source projects in my free time, mainly GNOME desktop related projects.

I work on nice native GNOME apps and also develop themes to integrate popular software with GNOME.

Donations allow me to spend more time in my open source projects.


It would allow me to always spend a full day a week working in my open source projects.

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Featured work

  1. rafaelmardojai/firefox-gnome-theme

    A GNOME👣 theme for Firefox🔥

  2. rafaelmardojai/blanket

    Listen to different sounds

    Python 1,260
  3. dialect-app/dialect

    A translation app for GNOME.

    Python 594
  4. rafaelmardojai/share-preview

    Test social media cards locally

    Rust 96
  5. rafaelmardojai/vscode-gnome-theme

    A GNOME👣 theme for VSCode💻

  6. rafaelmardojai/webfont-kit-generator

    Create @ font-face kits easily

    Python 120

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