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OSS is the beating heart of our community, it's where I get most of my inspiration from and where I hope to inspire others. I mainly code in Swift and focus on UI, animation and graphics.

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Featured work

  1. roberthein/TinyConstraints

    Nothing but sugar.

    Swift 3,955
  2. roberthein/Ease

    It's magic.

    Swift 1,260
  3. roberthein/BouncyLayout

    Make. It. Bounce.

    Swift 4,236
  4. roberthein/Observable

    The easiest way to observe values in Swift.

    Swift 371
  5. roberthein/Metal-Point-Cloud

    A point-cloud made from 3d data with Metal.

    Swift 151
  6. roberthein/Extras

    Just some extras..

    Swift 21

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