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I love to code. I'm a seasoned developer, with over 20 years of experience.
I've always been a Backend Developer and worked with several languages over time, like C, C++, Delphi, Java, Python, and Rust, which I'm passionate about, Rust is awesome.

I'm a perfectionist and have great pleasure in making coherent, efficient, flexible, and optimized code.
I have several open-source projects that I maintain thoroughly and with great care, consistently delivering new features and bug fixes. And this demands a good chunk of my free time.

Unfortunately, it is becoming a burden more than I can carry. I've given hundreds of hours of my time already, for the love of it, but the bills kept coming. And I need to use my free time to actually rest and relax, or I'll wreak havoc on my mental health.

I've created:

  • alive-progress, an incredible new progress bar for Python, filled with animations and cool effects! It has now more than 5,000 ⭐️!! It has even been declared a critical PyPI project.
  • human-repr, a cool and useful Rust crate to generate beautiful representations of bytes, durations, and throughputs.
  • clearly, a real-time monitor for the Celery distributed task manager in your terminal.
  • about-time, a package to track the timings and throughput of Python code, as well as generate beautiful representations of them.

Currently, I'm working as a freelancer, so I do not have a steady income. That is precisely why sponsorships are important to me, so I can continue to give to the community as I always did.

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That would be very rewarding in itself, to have so many people recognize my work 😊

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Featured work

  1. rsalmei/alive-progress

    A new kind of Progress Bar, with real-time throughput, ETA, and very cool animations!

    Python 5,256
  2. rsalmei/clearly

    Clearly see and debug your celery cluster in real time!

    Python 396
  3. rsalmei/about-time

    A cool helper for tracking time and throughput of code blocks, with beautiful human friendly renditions.

    Python 58
  4. rsalmei/ballbounce

    Terminal ball bouncing in Rust

    Rust 4
  5. rsalmei/human-repr

    Generate beautiful human representations of bytes, durations, and even throughputs!

    Rust 33
  6. rsalmei/refine

    Refine your file collection using Rust!

    Rust 3

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