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I have been creating free software since 2017, built 50+ so far. Sponsorships and donations are a reminder for me that I should keep doing it instead of selling them.

If I reach my goal of just $1000/month, I will be able to quit my job and do open source full time! Please consider choosing a monthly sponsorship, even if its $1.

If you don't want to use your credit/debit card (or don't have one), here's an alternate link for buying me a coffee.


I will be able to quit my job and work on open source full time!

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Past sponsors 37

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Featured work

  1. s0md3v/roop

    one-click face swap

    Python 25,433
  2. s0md3v/Arjun

    HTTP parameter discovery suite.

    Python 4,938
  3. s0md3v/Smap

    a drop-in replacement for Nmap powered by

  4. s0md3v/ote

    Generate Email, Register for anything, Get the OTP/Link

    Python 565

2% towards $1,000 per month goal

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@adarshshetty18 @jamieblomerus @S4CH

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$1 a month


You bought me a coffee, thanks :)

$10 a month


Enough to buy fruits for a week!

$25 a month


That will pay for my anti-depressants!

Perk: Mention me under an issue/feature and it will get priority!

$50 a month


Groceries for 3 weeks, covered!

Perk: Think a certain project should be worked on more? Encourage me with this!

$100 a month


Electricity bill, checked!

Perk: Get your name/company's logo displayed in "Credits" of a project. Also, suggest me a tool to create - I might.

$500 a month


Travelling expenses, covered!

Perk: Buy license + become official sponsor of a project. You also get a dedicated "sponsored by xyz" banner in the README.