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I'm the author of several open source projects and game trainers.

If you sponsor me, I'll be able to spend more time maintaining and creating projects. Currently all the work is done on my spare time and own resources.

Thank you for your contribution!

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Featured work

  1. sailro/Reflexil

    The .NET Assembly Editor

  2. sailro/Bdtunnel

    BoutDuTunnel is able to create virtual connections tunnelled in HTTP requests.

    C# 98
  3. sailro/Dexer

    Dexer is an open source framework, written in C#, that reads and writes .DEX files (Dalvik Executable Format) used by the Android Open Source Project.

    C# 91
  4. sailro/Shellify

    Shellify is a 100% managed .NET implementation of the Microsoft Shell Link (.LNK) Binary File Format.

    C# 58
  5. sailro/LLZipLib

    Low-level Zip Library, allowing advanced tweaks (injecting/removing blocks, crafting special archives)

    C# 34
  6. sailro/EscapeFromTarkov-Trainer

    Escape from Tarkov (EFT) Trainer - Internal

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