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Jeongho Nam

Seoul, South Korea

Hello, I'm samchon developing typia and nestia


Hope my projects to be helpful for many developers.

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Featured work

  1. samchon/nestia

    NestJS Helper Libraries + TypeScript OpenAPI generator

    TypeScript 1,679
  2. samchon/typia

    Super-fast/easy runtime validations and serializations through transformation

    TypeScript 4,230
  3. samchon/prisma-markdown

    Markdown generator of Prisma, including ERD and descriptions

    TypeScript 310
  4. samchon/tstl

    TypeScript-STL (Standard Template Library, migrated from C++)

    TypeScript 594
  5. samchon/tgrid

    TypeScript RPC (Remote Procedure Call) for WebSocket and Worker protocols

    TypeScript 133

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