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I am an independent creator 🚀 of small tools that should make your work easier. Therefore I founded the project @arillso which provides small and efficient Ansible Roles for Windows and Linux.

These are maintained continuously so that they are always up to date.

I would appreciate your support. ❤️


I create things that are useful for me and for others and that help to make their work easier. I would be happy to have sponsors.

Featured work

  1. sbaerlocher/ansible.snmp

    Ansible role for installing and Configuration SNMP v3 on installs RHEL/CentOS or Debian/Ubuntu and SNMP v2 on Windows.

    Jinja 27
  2. sbaerlocher/ansible.veeam-agent

    Install and Configure Veeam Agent for linux on Debian and CentOS.

  3. sbaerlocher/ansible.wmi_exporter

    Ansible roles that wmi exporter installs on a Windows system. Optionally with choco or as package.

  4. arillso/ansible.logrotate

    Installs and configures logrotate

    HTML 28
  5. arillso/action.playbook

    Github Action for running Ansible Playbooks.

    Go 29
  6. sbaerlocher/

    ansible collection for Windows functions.

    PowerShell 10

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