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Souvik Biswas

Kolkata, India

Hey, I am Souvik ๐Ÿ‘‹

Technical Writer @FlutterFlow

I have been building apps using Flutter since the time the framework was in the Beta stage. Alongside, started writing various blogs as there were very limited resources to learn about Flutter/Dart during that time.

Currently, I have over 600K+ views and 1.4K+ followers on Medium. Thanks to everyone who loves reading my blogs.

Worked as a Freelance developer and technical writer at various companies:

Participated in Google Season of Docs 2021 and contributed to the Wechaty organization. My work was mostly to add tutorials to their documentation and it beginner-friendly. You can check out my work here.

I have been an active contributor on GitHub as well, some of my best projects include:

  • Video Trimmer: A Flutter package for trimming videos. This supports retrieving, trimming, and storage of trimmed video files to the file system.

  • FlutterFire Samples: Firebase + Flutter sample apps with code snippets, supported by comprehensive articles for each implementation.

  • Flutter Maps: A Flutter app using Google Maps SDK, Directions API.

  • Explore: A Flutter Web responsive website sample.

There are a lot more projects that you can find by navigating to my GitHub profile.

All my Medium articles are available free of cost as well as projects (100+ and counting). Maintaining open source projects (reviewing PRs, solving issues, connecting with the community) requires time but I'm currently running low on it.

I'm looking forward to your support in order to continue my support to the Flutter Community!

You can follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn. Donโ€™t forget to check out my Website.

Happy coding,


Reaching this goal will help me in maintaining the current GitHub repositories (Flutter projects & packages) and continue the support towards the Flutter Community ๐Ÿ™

Featured work

  1. sbis04/video_trimmer

    Flutter video trimmer package

    Dart 420
  2. sbis04/explore

    A Flutter Web responsive website sample.

    Dart 328
  3. sbis04/flutter_maps

    A Flutter app using Google Maps SDK, Directions API

    Dart 330
  4. sbis04/flutter_bluetooth

    Using Bluetooth plugin in Flutter (flutter_bluetooth_serial)

    Dart 199
  5. sbis04/flutterfire-samples

    Firebase + Flutter sample apps with code snippets, supported by comprehensive articles for each implementation.

    Dart 218
  6. sbis04/flutter_os_wear

    This is a Flutter app for WearOS.

    Dart 123

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