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Supporting the Rust networking ecosystem!

I'm an independent open source maintainer. Your sponsorships allow me to continue doing this.

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Featured work

  1. hyperium/hyper

    An HTTP library for Rust

  2. seanmonstar/reqwest

    An easy and powerful Rust HTTP Client

    Rust 9,326
  3. seanmonstar/warp

    A super-easy, composable, web server framework for warp speeds.

    Rust 9,270
  4. tower-rs/tower

    async fn(Request) -> Result<Response, Error>

    Rust 3,301
  5. seanmonstar/httparse

    A push parser for the HTTP 1.x protocol in Rust.

    Rust 553
  6. seanmonstar/num_cpus

    Get the number of CPUs in Rust

    Rust 561

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