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Kyle J. Kemp

Appleton, WI

Hey 👋

I'm Kyle. I spend a lot of time working on open source games primarily, as well as tools that go into building them. Some of the bigger projects I've worked on are IdleLands and Land of the Rair.

I also maintain a few dozen libraries, and I add more as I find a need for them!

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I'd love to have just 10 sponsors to help me get closer to working on open source full time <3


Featured work

  1. seiyria/bootstrap-slider

    A slider control for Bootstrap 3 & 4.

    JavaScript 2,994
  2. LandOfTheRair/landoftherair-old

    A high-fantasy MORPG.

    TypeScript 39
  3. seiyria/tournamentmango

    Manage tournaments and players easily.

    JavaScript 135
  4. IdleLands/IdleLands

    The legendary idle MMORPG!

    TypeScript 65
  5. seiyria/

    A board game creation tool.

    JavaScript 22
  6. seiyria/Roguathia

    A small roguelike.

    JavaScript 49

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