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Hi 👋,
I'm Sepehrdad.
I'm a Software developer, Penetration tester and Security researcher.
I work on tools to make pentesting a bit easier.
Sponsoring is a very great motivation for me to keep up my work 😀.

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I'll be able to quit my job and work on open source full time!


Featured work

  1. BlackArch/blackarch

    An ArchLinux based distribution for penetration testers and security researchers.

    Shell 2,727
  2. sepehrdaddev/hashcobra

    HashCobra Hash Cracking tool.

    C++ 118
  3. BlackArch/wordlistctl

    Fetch, install and search wordlist archives from websites and torrent peers.

    Python 482
  4. sepehrdaddev/ntpdos

    PoC for distributed NTP reflection DoS (CVE-2013-5211)

    C++ 10
  5. BlackArch/sploitctl

    Fetch, install and search exploit archives from exploit sites.

    Python 112

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