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Sonny Lazuardi

Singapore & Indonesia

✨ I love open source. I got into open source in 2013. I like to experiment with the new technology and share my ideas through my open source projects.

I'm working on design plugins, tools, and apps to experiment anything about design and code.

The fund is for the next open source side project to keep me creating

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Featured work

  1. sonnylazuardi/react-native-nike-running

    🏃 UI & UX Prototype of redesigned Nike+ Running for React Native 📱+ React Native DOM (Web) 🌏

    JavaScript 684
  2. sonnylazuardi/react-native-credit-card

    💳 React native credit card display component

    JavaScript 382
  3. sonnylazuardi/colorGPT

    Generating color name captured from real-world

    TypeScript 583
  4. sonnylazuardi/react-komik

    💬 ReactJS based comic strip creator using fabric.js canvas rendering

    JavaScript 357
  5. sonnylazuardi/globe-3d

    Convert your design to 3D Globe. Create an Interactive 3D globe based on your flat world map design.

    TypeScript 145
  6. sonnylazuardi/react-native-bouncing-preloader

    ⛹️‍♂️ Bouncing preloader component with custom icons in React Native

    JavaScript 189

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