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Oh, looks like I did forget, nevermind. I'm Michal Špaček and because there seems to be quite a few of Michal Špačeks around, some folks call me spaze or spazef0rze.

I like building things and breaking things as well. Supporting me will help me see that whatever I'm building and/or breaking, is useful and it will allow me to build and/or break more things in better or more spectacular ways. Thank you.

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Featured work

  1. spaze/ + + subdomains source code because why not

    PHP 9
  2. spaze/phpstan-disallowed-calls

    PHPStan rules to detect disallowed method & function calls, constant, namespace, attribute & superglobal usages

    PHP 215
  3. spaze/hashes

    Magic hashes – PHP hash "collisions"

  4. spaze/

    HTML 42

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