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Hey 👋️

I'm Peter, a developer by heart and open-source fan! I'm building open-source projects and contribute back.

I've built so far...

I'd love to spend more time building open-source software and less contracting 💚 With your sponsorship it will be one step closer. Then my open source contributions can be more sustainable. Thank you for your support! 🙏

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I would love to find three people who love my work to think it's worth a sponsorship.


Featured work

  1. spekulatius/PHPScraper

    A universal web-util for PHP.

    PHP 503

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A whole day of food & coffee! Thank you for your support in keeping my work up! Of course you also get a shout out! Feel free to flip a message if I can help otherwise!

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Sponsorship? Keen to sponsor my work with a neat badge on a repo? Check in here and get in touch to discuss the details!