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I develop open-source software related to infrastructure automation, Go, Android, and information security.


Let me know I have positively impacted the lives of ten hackers :)

Featured work

  1. gourmetproject/gourmet

    An exquisite network traffic analysis framework

    Go 27
  2. spitfire55/MegaDev

    Bro IDS + ELK Stack to detect and block data exfiltration

    Bro 47
  3. gourmetproject/httpanalyzer

    A Gourmet plugin and HTTP analyzer

  4. gourmetproject/dnsanalyzer

    A Gourmet plugin and DNS analyzer

  5. spitfire55/gopacket_android

    Cross-compile an ELF in Go that uses gopacket to run on an ARM Android device...for science!

    Shell 2
  6. spitfire55/my-configs

    My configs for various tools I use

    Shell 1

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