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Hi there, I'm Raphaël 👋🏻

I believe software should be free for everyone.

I'm a software engineer who loves creating and contribute to open source software. My experience as a core maintainer of driftctl, an open source tool then acquired by Snyk in 2021, taught me a lot about open source business models and how to run a FOSS project successfully.

Sponsorships will help me to spend more time on open source. So if you would like to support my future work, consider joining me as a sponsor!

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Help me spend more time on open source !


Featured work

  1. snyk/driftctl

    Detect, track and alert on infrastructure drift

  2. digitalocean/clusterlint

    A best practices checker for Kubernetes clusters. 🤠

  3. sundowndev/hacker-roadmap

    A collection of hacking tools, resources and references to practice ethical hacking.

  4. sundowndev/covermyass

    Post-exploitation tool to cover your tracks on a compromised machine (beta)

  5. sundowndev/phoneinfoga

    Information gathering framework for phone numbers

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