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Hey πŸ‘‹ I'm Swanand Mulay a.k.a. swanandx , I'm a hacker who loves to code, especially in Rust πŸ¦€.

⚑ I work on creating blazingly fast security tools, but I also love to explore, that's why I make games, websites, mobile apps etc. I love to contribute to other open source projects, that way I learn a lot from them!

❀️ One thing I love the most is sharing what I know, for that I write a blog and also have YouTube channel!
Check it out here - swanandx's YouTube

πŸ™ Sponsorships help me continue building cool things and working on them with more energy <3

If you pay, contribute or even just noticed my projects, it means a lot for me!

Thanks to everyone for your love and support! ✨


I will be able to cover my monthly living expenses as a student, so that I can give more time to opensource work!

Featured work

  1. swanandx/lemmeknow

    The fastest way to identify anything!

    Rust 925
  2. bee-san/Ares

    Automated decoding of encrypted text without knowing the key or ciphers used

    Rust 514
  3. swanandx/rustywitness

    A CLI tool for getting screenshots of URLs using headless chrome

    Rust 27
  4. swanandx/b-rust

    πŸ’» Bash script for using Rust Playground πŸ¦€ from your terminal.

    Shell 9
  5. swanandx/lemmeknow-frontend

    A website for lemmeknow made with Yew <3

    Rust 7

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