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Donations are to the Syncthing Foundation. The purpose of the foundation is to maintain and encourage development and usage of the free software Syncthing and its required infrastructure. The foundation can provide grants on its own initiative, or by application according to the rules put forth by the board.

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Meet the team

Featured work

  1. syncthing/syncthing

    Open Source Continuous File Synchronization

  2. syncthing/syncthing-android

    Wrapper of syncthing for Android.

    Java 3,111
  3. syncthing/syncthing-macos

    Official frugal and native macOS Syncthing application bundle

    Objective-C 2,574
  4. syncthing/docs

    Documentation site

    Python 227
  5. syncthing/discosrv

    The Syncthing global discovery server

  6. syncthing/relaysrv

    The Syncthing relay server

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