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Hi, I'm t3l3machus, Penetration Tester & Researcher from Athens, Greece 🇬🇷, currently living in Poland 🇵🇱.
I am passionate about creating offensive security tools and sharing them with the Cybersec community.

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Featured work

  1. t3l3machus/hoaxshell

    A Windows reverse shell payload generator and handler that abuses the http(s) protocol to establish a beacon-like reverse shell.

    Python 2,929
  2. t3l3machus/Villain

    Villain is a C2 framework that can handle multiple TCP socket & HoaxShell-based reverse shells, enhance their functionality with additional features (commands, utilities etc) and share them among c…

    Python 3,617
  3. t3l3machus/toxssin

    An XSS exploitation command-line interface and payload generator.

    Python 1,150
  4. t3l3machus/psudohash

    Generates millions of keyword-based password mutations in seconds.

    Python 1,020
  5. t3l3machus/eviltree

    A python3 remake of the classic "tree" command with the additional feature of searching for user provided keywords/regex in files, highlighting those that contain matches.

    Python 360
  6. t3l3machus/wwwtree

    A utility for quickly and easily locating, web hosting and transferring resources (e.g., exploits/enumeration scripts) from your filesystem to a victim machine during privilege escalation.

    Python 172

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