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Tauri is a framework for building tiny, blazingly fast binaries for all major platforms. We built Tauri for the security-focused, privacy-respecting, and environmentally-conscious software engineering community.

To make sure Tauri is always true to it's community and open source commitment, we placed the ownership of the code at the Tauri Programme within the Commons Conservancy.

As non-profit stewards of the project, the Tauri Programme ensures your sponsorship is used for continued development and support of the community. For example by paying for infrastructure and security audits, and more as our awesome community grows in size and needs. ❤️


Will help us focus more on growing our community.

Current sponsors 34

Past sponsors 40

Featured work

  1. tauri-apps/tauri

    Build smaller, faster, and more secure desktop applications with a web frontend.

  2. tauri-apps/wry

    Cross-platform WebView library in Rust for Tauri.

    Rust 3,337
  3. tauri-apps/tao

    The TAO of cross-platform windowing. A library in Rust built for Tauri.

    Rust 1,475
  4. tauri-apps/tauri-action

    Build your Web application as a Tauri binary for macOS, Linux and Windows

    TypeScript 775
  5. tauri-apps/awesome-tauri

    🚀 Awesome Tauri Apps, Plugins and Resources

33% towards 100 monthly sponsors goal

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