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Jacek Galowicz

Braunschweig, Germany

Hi, my name is Jacek Galowicz and I do freelance consulting and development, solely with/on open source software.

Whenever I'm not working on paid contracts, I write about how to do valuable things with FOSS technology on my blog, where no advertising happens.

If you like my work, then I would be very happy about your support!
Support in financial form helps me to invest more time into unpaid authoring of text and code publications.

Featured work

  1. tfc/pprintpp

    Typesafe Python Style Printf Formatting for C++

    C++ 232
  2. tfc/nix_cmake_example

    An example with nix: How to automatically and reproducibly build and integration-test a database C++ app in 60 different build-configurations (library exchange/compiler exchange/static-nonstatic)

    Nix 60
  3. tfc/philosophers-stone-nixos

    NixOS example system composition and offline build material for live demo sessions

    Nix 1

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Let's help them save time and reduce risks while they create value with Nix and NixOS and general software product architecture.

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