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Jing Li

Berlin, Germany

Howdy! 😃

This is Jing Li from Berlin 🇩🇪.

I work on several open source projects in my spare time, some of them have successfully helped other people and organizations with developing or deploying their applications 😊. I'd like to request your sponsorship 💵 to support my diligent work, so that I could probably buy a few books 📚 and toys 🧸 for my kids 🧒👶 to compensate for my absence of accompanying them. Thank you in advance 🙏!


(FinancialStress↓) && (Happiness↑) && (Recognition↑) -> (Work↑) && (QualityTimeWithKids↑)

Featured work

  1. thyrlian/AwesomeValidation

    Android validation library which helps developer boil down the tedious work to three easy steps.

    Java 1,153
  2. thyrlian/AndroidSDK

    🐳 Full-fledged Android SDK Docker Image

    Dockerfile 1,205
  3. thyrlian/ScreenshotsNanny

    Android library helps take screenshots for publishing on Google Play Store.

    Java 233
  4. thyrlian/Captain-ADB

    Providing simple web API and view for Android Debug Bridge (adb). Free your imagination, use it as the way you want.

    Ruby 50
  5. thyrlian/SonarOnDocker

    🐳 📡 Docker way of running SonarQube + any DB

    Java 25
  6. thyrlian/TechNewsletter

    The engineering way of composing a responsive design newsletter email in markup language

    Ruby 7

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